Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:34 pm
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Name: Steve Trevor
Canon: Wonder Woman
Scrubs Color: Light Gray
Visible Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Physique: Well-built, though about twenty pounds underweight due to rationing
Complexion: Fair
Hygiene: He'll be a little over-determined to make use of hygiene after going so often without the opportunity
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Blue
Defining Marks: Some marks and scars, but they've long healed over with the fountain
Accent/Speech: General midwestern American
Bearing/Demeanor: Steve is always very aware of his movements, speech, and bearing. Having worked as a spy for the BEF for so long, everything is very precise and thought-out, which is a hard habit to drop. He'll be very cautious about revealing too much with strangers, but not necessarily standoffish.
Gait: Firm and determined, with great purpose
Habits: For a little while, fire and explosions might make him tense as he works through some shellshock, and he'll often reach for a compass that's not there, check a wristwatch he's not wearing. When Diana is around, it will take a great deal for him to look anywhere else
Skills: Subterfuge, weapons, wayfinding, and many of the above-average skills that it takes to become a spy in the middle of a war that will inevitably do very little to keep him well-fed in a survivalist situation